Welcome to Hvar, an ancient town with a rich history. It is located on the island of Hvar in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Split. Hvar is the sunniest location of all the islands in the Adriatic Sea.


Many people say that it is a town straight out a fairy-tale because of its architecture, wonderful nature and mild climate. We advise you to visit the FORTRESS SPANJOLA, the CATHEDRAL of HVAR (built in 1612) with the ARSENAL, and FRANCISCAN MONASTERY. Its residents are proud of having the oldest theater in the Mediterranean.

The night life in Hvar is what attracts numerous young people from around world.

A special delight is the opportunity to spend time in UNTOUCHED BAYS in the vicinity of the town. Hvar has celebrated 140 years of organised tourism, and today it is considered to be one of the 10 most BEAUTIFUL ISLANDS in the world.