6th October 2015


Because I think that esthetics is very important in every dimension of our lives, especially in dentistry today!

Nowadays, it is normal and taken for granted that teeth are healthy. That does not necessarily mean that they are beautiful, or that they have esthetically satisfactory appearance. Over the years, teeth lose their volume, brightness and whiteness. They become more and more porous and thinner, and therefore food deposits, colors from food and beverages adhere to them! SMILE MAKEOVER treatments will bring back their shine, volume and whiteness via completely painless treatments in a very short period of time. There is no need for teeth grinding and other aggressive methods applied on either the tooth or periodontal tissue. SMILE MAKEOVER by HVAR ESTHETIC DENTAL, that we are offering as the most prominent PACKAGE is here to make your smile much more beautiful, younger looking, whiter and also healthier as soon as possible using painless, non-invasive and non-aggressive treatments. If your teeth are yellow, gray, thinned, chipped, etc. and if they have any defects, all of the above can now be treated via ESTHETIC DENTISTRY treatments. You need to know that NICE AND WHITE SMILE is a reflection of your health!!

Now that we have, hopefully in an interesting way, introduced you to the world of ESTHETICS, we will explain in more detail certain METHODS OF THE SMILE MAKEOVER treatment.


TOOTH BONDING is actually a treatment for changing the shape of a tooth, in such a way that increases its volume, it corrects its faults, and it fills the cavities between teeth. Namely, a lot can be done with that treatment in order to achieve the perfect smile. Using the technique of layering color (so-called FREE-HAND BONDING) of the composite material, we can obtain a natural look, color and whiteness of teeth.

COMPOSITE VENEERS are made ​​of high quality materials. They are used in order for us to restore the natural volume, shine and whiteness of your teeth. Unlike ceramic veneers, there is no need to grind the tooth enamel, which is very important for the preservation of healthy teeth. Tooth grinding is minimal, and the entire treatment can be done in one day, as opposed to ceramic veneers which take several days. Therefore, the treatment is completely painless, and in a very short period of time gives the patient a very satisfactory appearance esthetically, with maximum preservation of tooth tissue, as well as a natural shape and color of teeth. You can take a look at the pictures depicting some of these treatments in our picture gallery called “before and after”.

We went a step further, and thought about making the stay of our MAKEOVER treatment patients more pleasant, more beautiful and more interesting. For this reason we offer free accommodation at the luxurious Hotel Park ****. We have chosen the town of Hvar as a destination for luxury DENTAL TOURISM for many reasons. We had a vision that a patient could go on a luxurious and comfortable vacation, and come back home with a new smile. We thought that this this type of holiday could be the most comfortable, if she/he moves from the city bustle, everyday life and stress! Hvar offers all of the above in one place. There are numerous beautiful beaches, bays, restaurants, unforgettable PAKLINSKI ISLANDS, cultural and historical attractions, nightclubs and much more that will make your stay a memorable one. It is well known for its microclimate and for having the largest number of sunny days a year in the Mediterranean. It is an ideal place for relaxation and for a beautiful and happy smile!!

Here is an example that we were right, in terms of our vision of luxurious dental tourism.  A few days ago a businessman visited us. He told me; “You know, this is a brilliant idea. I do not have time to go see a dentist, like most of my friends, because I work a lot, and because of the nature of my work I spend a lot of time travelling, so I go to see dentists when I am on vacation just like most people I know. The last time was in North America when I was with my family on winter vacation.“ I was happy that he recognized our idea! We embellish and offer a fantastic holiday!!

If you are interested in our SMILE MAKEOVER package, all you need to do is the following: send us a picture of your smile and teeth taken with either your iPhone or any smart phone to our e-mail address. We will send you back the price, the duration of your treatment, and its brief description! You have nothing to lose, but you can profit a lot. A beautiful, healthy and white smile is priceless!!

We organize your accommodation as well as the shuttle service We Are 24/7 at your disposal!

THE LATEST OFFER! Panorama flights 2-4 times a day, so now our patients can travel from Split airport to Hvar in only 13 minutes!!! This will be of great assistance when planning the arrival of a large number of patients.

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